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Tinnitus Management

The Tinnitus Management Program at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center is a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and management of tinnitus.  The Program is staffed by licensed Audiologists that have been trained in various techniques of tinnitus testing, diagnosis, sound therapy and counseling skills.  

Because tinnitus cannot be cured, the focus of this program is to change the person’s reaction and perception of their tinnitus through a combination of approaches and techniques.  While not all techniques are successful for every person with tinnitus, most patients will benefit from a combination of these approaches.    

Initial Tinnitus Evaluation

The first step in the diagnosis of tinnitus is a complete Tinnitus Evaluation in our audiology clinic.  During this appointment, the patient will receive a complete audiological evaluation including tests for the function of the middle ear as well as cochlear function.  It also includes pitch and loudness matching of the tinnitus.  In some cases, the audiologist will refer the patient for a possible consultation with an Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist.

A medical prescription is needed from the patient’s primary physician for this appointment.  If you wish to schedule a complete Tinnitus Evaluation, please call 885-8318.  


Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center offers counseling sessions in a small group setting as well as individual settings.  During these sessions you will be taught various information about tinnitus including possible causes, a description of the hearing mechanism, some common reactions to tinnitus and options in managing tinnitus.  

You may call 885-8318 to schedule an appointment for either the 2 hour group session or the 1.5 hour long individual counseling session

Hearing Aids

If the results of the complete Tinnitus Evaluation reveal that you are a candidate for amplification, hearing aids will be recommended.  Most people experience a significant improvement in their tinnitus when the surrounding sounds are amplified by hearing aids.  Better communication can also reduce stress which in turn may decrease tinnitus.  

A prescription for a Hearing Aid Evaluation is required from your physician.  

Sound Therapy

Most patients report that the presence of background noise can significantly improve the ability to manage their tinnitus.  There are several different types of sound therapy devices that can be used.  While some may be worn on the body, such as an ear level masker, other devices are not worn on the body and are relatively inexpensive.