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What to Expect at Your Appointment

There are four main procedures that will be completed during your visit at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center:

  1. Case History
  2. Otoscopy (Visual inspection of the outer ear and ear canal)
  3. Comprehensive Hearing Test
  4. Consultation and Counseling

Case History:

Your appointment will begin with a case history. During this time, the Audiologist will ask you questions about your hearing, noise exposure, communication issues, and medically related issues such as tinnitus and dizziness.


The Audiologist will check for excessive ear wax, blockages, or any problems with your ears that may require further evaluation by a physician.

Comprehensive Hearing Test:

A comprehensive audiological evaluation will be performed in the sound treated booth. This allows the Audiologist to determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

Consultation and Counseling:

Upon completion of all tests, the Audiologist will sit down with you and explain the results. The Audiologist will make appropriate recommendations and/or referrals. If indicated, a hearing aid demonstration may also be performed.

We recommend that you bring a family member or friend with you to the appointment, as it is important for those you care about to understand what your hearing strengths and weaknesses are for optimal communication in your life, and it is helpful to use a familiar voice in hearing aid demonstrations.