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Welcome to Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center. We improve the quality of life for adults, children and infants with communication disorders by delivering cutting edge diagnosis and treatment of hearing and speech impairments and related special education services.

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Personalized and outstanding service

Our licensed audiologists work closely with our patients to ensure that we are providing clear, thorough information and recommendations. Evidence-based practice and careful evaluation of the needs, goals, and lifestyles of our patients drive our approach to hearing health care. The clinicians at BHSC take pride in providing the best possible hearing care.

A range of hearing aid products

Hearing loss health care is more than just fitting hearing aids. Our relationship with you does not end when you are fit with your hearing aids. We offer courses on adjusting to hearing aids, support groups for people with hearing loss and tinnitus, and we strongly recommend follow up checks to ensure your hearing aid is programmed optimally for your personal and audiological needs. We strive to create a relationship with our patients to ensure their success for the long term.

State-of-the-art care and technology

BHSC continuously strives to be the front runner in hearing health care and dedicates time and resources into staff training and ensuring procedures and equipment are state-of-the art.